Pre-Test Equipment


auto-refractorThe auto-refractor measures the front curvature of the eye and in 3-5 seconds it gathers everything needed to fine-tune the patient’s prescription for contact lens fittings. It shows the refractive status of near/far-sightedness, also shows if the patient will need single vision or bifocal, soft or hard contact lenses.

Visual Field Tester

Measures for blind spots in central and peripheral vision. Blind spots can be an indication of a neurological disease. In Dr. Sultan’s practice, he’s been able to detect three pituitary gland tumors and refer his patients to primary care doctors for further treatment.


OCTMuch like an MRI this testing machine allows Dr. Sultan to see the back of the eye. He can then look at cross-sectional views of different areas of the retina and also see below the surface of the eye, which is normally not visible. This allows for diagnoses and early detection of retinal and systemic diseases such as early signs of macular degeneration, diabetes, leukemia, aids and potential cancers of the eye.

Digital Retinal Camera

Digital Retinal CameraAllows Dr. Sultan to see the back of the eye and takes a photo to aid in diagnosing and detecting early retinal disease. He keeps these photos in the patient’s file to measure changes in the eye over time.


MPOD stands for Macular Pigment Optical Density. This instrument measures how much protective pigment you have in the central vision part of the retina called the Macula. The macula is susceptible to damage from both UV light and the high energy blue light created by all of the electronic devices – such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

In addition, sunlight creates 5 times the amount of high energy blue light. By measuring how much pigment you have in the macula, we can predict the level of risk factor(s) over time.

For people with low to average levels, we can improve these levels with supplementation of the appropriate combination of protective pigments found in healthy eyes. We carry these supplements in different formulations that can enhance night vision, color perception, contrast sensitivity – all measures of enhanced vision.


Tonometer is the instrument that measures the internal pressure in the eye. There is a healthy range, and anything outside of this norm can indicate a risk factor for glaucoma which is a disease that affects the main nerve that conducts the electrical signals that the brain interprets as vision.

Oculus Keratograph 5M

TonometerThe doctor is using advanced technology called the Oculus Keratograph 5M to examine your eyes. The Keratograph 5M has a high-resolution color camera, equipped with intelligent software to analyze the cause for Dry Eye and theseverity. This technology allows the doctor to develop a personalized / customized treatment plan for each patient.

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