Contact Lenses

The Eye Works Optometry offers advanced products and services in the contact lens arena – the most recent advancements in contact lens fitting and materials. Contacts are now much easier and better than ever to wear.

Again…..we provide the latest contact lens technology.

The Eye Works Optometry is committed to your success as a contact lens wearer. Our recommendations are individually tailored to each patient.

  • Our prices are competitive with major online retailers
  • We can help you obtain manufacturer rebates on most brands

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  • Daily disposables – the most convenient and healthiest
  • Contacts for astigmatism
  • Multifocals for presbyopia (need help for close vision)
  • New lenses that resist dry eye symptoms
  • Cosmetic color contact lenses
  • Extremely high prescriptions
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses in all designs
  • Post-surgical problem cases
  • Contact lenses for keratoconus (oddly shaped corneas)
  • Medically necessary contact lenses

Why is the contact lens exam / fitting separate from the comprehensive eye examination fee?

Most insurance companies require doctors to separate routine comprehensive eye examination fees from any services performed due to contact lenses. More time and testing is required for a patient who wears contact lenses; therefore, most insurance companies treat contact lens services as an additional and separate evaluation.

What is a contact lens prescription?

Contact lenses are medical devices that can only be dispensed by a prescription. Contact lens prescriptions may expire after one year, or sooner if the doctor determines a medical reason for a shorter expiration date.

They must be regarded with the same caution you would use for prescription drugs, which includes prescription expiration dates and follow up visits with your eye doctor. Your contact lens prescription will include the power of your contact lenses, the type of contact lenses you wear, the shape of the contact lenses (curvature), and any other information determined by the doctor to be necessary for proper contact lens fit.

Your eyes go through gradual changes in size, shape and physiological requirements (such as oxygen) while wearing contact lenses. These changes can affect the overall health of the cornea and need to be monitored at least every year. The American and California Optometric Associations recommend yearly contact lens evaluations to protect the overall eye health.

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